Our department of ESCARGOTS (Snails)

Crepes are every French person's favourite snack. Saybons' Department of Crepes dishes out fresh crepes with your choice of fillings and toppings. Cooked using a French-style secret recipe, our crepes are deliciously hot and crispy, and conveniently served as a takeaway snack. You can choose from a range of sweet or savoury crepes including our gourmet-designed crepes or simply design your own crepes! In maintaining the high quality of French culinary, premium French ingredients such as Valrhona chocolates and butters are used in our crepes.

CAUTION: In accordance to traditional French culinary methods, our escargots are baked in hot butter in our ovens and will be served in hot ceramic snail plates. Please do not touch the hot plates with bare hands and do not put your face near the plate in case any sizzling butter splatters. Snails may be slow but sometimes they can be vicious even when dead.

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Other than the French who adores snails, the Romans are known to consume snails and consider snails to be an elite food. Not considering the butter that snails are usually cooked in, snails on their own are also high in protein and low in fat. Farmed snails are usually fed on ground cereal and before they are havested, these snails undergo fasting to ensure that any undesirable contents are purged out. Therefore, they are considered 'cleaner' than some sea molluses such as oysters or even crabs.
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