Q:  You require a minimum of 60 crepes in order for your crepe chef to come to our event. I do not have 60 guests and cannot meet your minimum but I really like to have your crepes at my party.
A: You'll be surprised at how many crepes your guests can eat! From our experience, every guest eats on average 2 crepes and sometimes up to 4! We have both savoury and sweet crepes for your guests to choose from. If you cater both savoury and sweet crepes from us, simply order some soups and breads too and your party is ready to start! You do not need to cater other food from other caterers as ours will be more than enough to fill up your guests.

Q:  I have already catered main dishes such as bee hoon from other caterers but would like to have your crepe station as a dessert station for the party. Can this be arranged?

A: Certainly. In this case, you'll simply need to order a minimum of 60 pieces of dessert crepes from our menu.

Q: How much space do you require for the mobile crepe station?
A: We will bring our own hot plate stoves that will sit on any table tops. You would need to provide a table space of about 2metre by 1metre in order for our crepe chefs to cook comfortably. The table can be placed at any part of your house or function room but there should be an electricity point for us to tap on as our stoves run on electricity. We'll bring the rest of the items required for our own set-up.

Q: My function room does not allow cooking. Can we still cater your crepes?
A: We use electric stoves and as such there is hardly any smoke or flumes. There is no deep-frying or heavy cooking of our crepes as we do not use any oil in our cooking. We've done many events held in air-conditioned function rooms and have not encountered any problems. You can check with your management again.

Q: Can the crepe station be placed outdoors at the garden or by the pool?

A: Of course you can but we'll still need the 2metre table and an electricity point. Ideally, the outdoor venue should have adequate lighting and you should also have a back-up plan should it rain on the day of your party!

Q: How many crepe chefs will be at my party and for how long?
A: As a general rule, our mobile crepe chefs will be at the event for maximum 3 hours ( including set-up and dismantle time of 15mins) or when all your crepe orders have been made, whichever is earlier. For orders between 60-80 crepes, there will be one crepe chef. For orders above 100, there will be two crepe chefs.

Q: Are you able to do corporate events whereby there are up to 500 people?
A: We are able to do corporate events for up to 600 crepes or more. For such events, we'll send more crepe chefs down to ensure that guests do not have to wait too long for their crepes. Such events also tend to stretch longer in duration of about 6-8 hours.
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In the true fashion of Parisien street crepe vendors, we are now bringing our crepes on wheels. We are possibly the only company in Singapore to offer mobile crepe services for any corporate events or private parties, anywhere in Singapore! Simply order a minimum of 60 crepes and we'll send our crepe chef to your venue to pan out delicious crepes with fillings of your choice! Enthrall your guests with live-cooking of crepes. To add to the fun, your guests can customize their own crepe flavours too. To see our full menu, please click here.
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